Comfort Lining Benefits

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Discover The Powerful Benefits of Using Comfort Lining Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

denture wearers can benefit immediately by using a thermal denture adhesive, you will never have to reapply every hour or every day as traditional pastes/creams direct you to do.

This Adhesive will Work for All Denture Wearers

When using a true thermoplastic denture adhesive, there will never be any sticky substance that paste adhesives leave behind on the gums or the annoyance of scraping or cutting off a traditional reline. With this product, you can simply remove and reinsert your denture at any time without worries that there’s a sticky mess that you are left to deal with. Since removing and replacing the denture is so convenient, the denture wearer can soak their denture overnight or practically at any time, effectively without the worries of the denture adhesive separating from the denture.

Overall Cushion

Thermoplastic denture adhesives are also great for cushioning troubled areas such as sore spots. This happens when dentures do not fit properly from such trauma as gum shrinkage or ill fitted dentures. Here's the secret, the powerful product helps to stabilize the denture with a thin cushion that adheres to the denture. This cushion acts as a shock absorb-er for the denture wearer’s gums, in turn, shielding the gums from the everyday wear and tear of the plastic denture.


Protecting new Extractions

this product is also known to heal the extraction sites quicker as the new denture wearer is healing. Unlike paste adhesives that will block extraction sites and introduce the possibility of infections or dry socket, thermoplastic denture adhesives will not do that. Essentially, the thermoplastic adhesive creates a Band-Aid, if you will, over the extraction site. This is great for blocking out any food or other particles that may attempt to enter these sensitive areas.

 Removal of Dentures at Anytime

 Another great advantage to using a thermoplastic denture adhesive is the denture wearer can remove their denture at any time. Keeping a clean mouth is imperative to your health while wearing dentures. By using a thermoplastic denture adhesive, you are able to remove your dentures freely and practically at any time that you wish to do so. Using your favorite cleanser or even a toothbrush does not affect the adhesive and since thermoplastic denture adhesives are 100 percent waterproof, thermoplastics will only come off when you are ready to remove it.

Our Conclusion

Some denture wearers can never get their dentures to fit just right using anything that they try and the end result is all too often an application overload of their denture paste or cream. This can be extremely toxic as most denture paste products use zinc for their product to work. With a true thermoplastic denture adhesive, there is absolutely no zinc used, because only the suction generated by the saliva in your mouth is needed for a successful and secure grip. This amazing feature eliminates the need to reapply every day and a new application is only required once a week.

There are many more benefits to using a thermoplastic denture adhesive, but these were just a few that we wanted to point out and always remember; A true thermoplastic denture adhesive works by heat activation only. There is no mixing, no activating or adding a liquid to make a thermoplastic denture adhesive work.