How do I exchange an item?

NO REFUNDS: Due to sanitary/hygienic reasons, for your health and ours, we only issues exchanges.
Please email us for exchanges. We need a photo or other proof for exchanges.

CHARGE BACKS: All charge backs without returning the product to Comfort Lining inc will result in fraud charges against the customer from Comfort Lining inc. All sales are recorded with IP address that is used to place the order.
Please see below for exchange requirements and qualifications.

COPYRIGHT: Anyone selling or trying to resale Comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive will have to be approved before doing so. No third party sellers unless approved by Comfort Lining inc. No eBay Amazon Etsy or other websites etc.
If person/s sell another product and label it Comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive or Comfort Lining Denture adhesive or Comfort Lining this is copyright infringement and we will proceed with copyright charges with all costs on persons lawfully selling false advertising.

Any applicable discounts are typically provided at the time of checkout, either granted automatically or via customer input on the coupon code/discount form. Please feel free to inquire about our returning customers only discounts.

Exchanges will only be granted if you, the purchaser, ship the UNUSED portion of your product back to Comfort Lining (See address below). Your replacement tube will be shipped back to you within 15 days at our discretion. You may elect to email us a copy of your complaint along with a copy of clear photographs as proof of evidence. Returning a depleted tube is a guarantee you will NOT receive any exchange/replacement.

Please contact us at