Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges Denture Adhesive
We Understand Things Happen

Comfort Lining-Refund Policy and Exchange Policy:

How do I Return a Product? Refunds will be granted under our terms and conditions after we receive the item/s back within 21 days from the date that you have received and tried the product. After the 21 days has expired we will not guarantee a full or partial refund.
Empty products are not considered for a refund, the product must be over 1/2 full to receive a refund.
Please Ship all refunds to: PO BOX 170 Apalachin NY 13732

Exchanges: To exchange a item that might be damaged, please return the item to the approved address below.
Please Note, We do not exchange items that are empty!
Please Ship all exchanges to: PO BOX 170 Apalachin NY 13732

Please add a copy of your complaint along with your order number and first and last name to your return or exchange your items, this helps us to complete your exchange or refund in a timely manner.

We do not supply you with a return or exchange label.
Please contact us at or (607) 258-0343 if you have further questions.