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New Tough Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

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Extra Strength Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive | 7 Day Holding Power

Brief Description: Tough Grip is an Extra Strength Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive which will work to strengthen the bond between your gums and the denture plates by creating a non-slip secure fit. Tough Grip will hold all dentures in place up to 7 full days with only 1 single application! Currently, No other dental adhesive will last as long. Tough Grip's unique formula will allow you to continue to soak and clean your dentures everyday without losing the original suction grip.  100% Waterproof and Zinc Free Denture Adhesive 

Tough Grip's denture adhesive will provide an instant relief from sore tender areas located inside the mouth and gum-line with its instant cushioning effect, so there is less rubbing and grinding from your plates. If you're suffering from soreness and loose dentures, Tough Grip is a perfect match. The unique thermoplastic denture adhesive will provide a soft, yet firm cushion layer that adheres and grips directly to the upper denture or lower plate. When using this denture adhesive, your dentures can be removed and reinserted freely, at any time without changing or adding more adhesive without losing the suction grip. This means you can remove your dentures without the bothersome issues that paste adhesives leave behind without the timely residue or goop. One application will hold dentures in place all day, there is no need to reapply or add more adhesive. Removal is easy simply peel off the cushion layer. It's that simple!

Made in U.S.A 

How to Use Comfort Lining: Heat-Apply-Wear


  • works on both upper & lower denture plates including partial dentures
  • no after taste or micro-film (fresh clean feeling)
  • easy to clean without removing the Comfort Lining (Just rinse)
  • creates a secure suction even with a dry mouth
  • guaranteed to hold the loosest of dentures in place, even while eating the toughest of foods!
  • Included in this purchase (1 Count of Comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive (28g) plus 1 Count bottle of Tough Grip powder (.25g)

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