Denture Double-Sided Toothbrush.
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Denture Double-Sided Toothbrush

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One White Denture Toothbrush
This toothbrush is specifically designed for cleaning dentures and has special bristles to fit the shape of the denture. The toothbrush has two separate configured heads.
A flat, soft-bristled head used for the smooth surfaces such as inside of the palate area.
A single-tuft head made from tapered bristles, which is ideal use for hard to reach areas on the denture.

Why Use a Denture Brush?
There's one very important benefit to using a denture brush for cleaning your full or partial denture. These brushes have relatively soft bristles, which are useful for removing impacted food particles from the denture without scratching the surface of the dentures themselves, since floss should not be used on dentures. Dentures are typically made using an acrylic plastic or porcelain and both types of material scratch easily.

The uniquely shaped, single-tuft head enables the wearer to use the brush comfortably inside the artificial gum area, which also tends to be a collection point for food.

Dentures or partial dentures should be cleaned daily, especially after eating then soaking your dentures at night will help to keep bacteria growth minimal.