Dentures & Deflated Lips "How to Fix"

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Many women that wear dentures complain about losing the fullness and volume of their lips. What causes this? Ill- fitting dentures can cause the lips to fold inwards and the mouth to sag down. Usually visiting your dentist to be fitted with a new pair of dentures, by making sure that the length of the teeth are properly set so the lips can sit correctly can fix the thin lip problem but sometimes you might need more than just a new pair of dentures. 
Some women elect in injections to plump up the volume of their lips. Lip Injections will typically last 12 month's depending on the type of injection you receive and how much you add.
If you're a denture wearer and a smoker the lip injections will not last as long; they typically will only last a few months of that if you smoke. 
How do lip injections work? 
Lip injections work either starting with the most popular injection called Restylane a non-animal, clear gel that is reported to be very close to the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body.
Juvederm is another form of injection very similar to Restylane and popular as well. 
There are two different ways lip Injections are done, the hyaluronic acid either by small needles.
Using tiny 30 and 31 gauge (about as thick as a dozen human hairs) or a cannula which doesn't require as many injections. 
Before this process is done the doctor or nurse practitioner will wipe the insides and outside of your lips with lidocaine to numb up the lips before the injections. Some of the injections have a pain numbing agent already in them.
Are Lip Injections Painful?
If you've ever had a pimple on your lip, this is about the pain level for most. Some people have a higher tolerance than others, so it might not be as painful for some. 
Will I Have Swelling?
Yes; Very little. Less swelling occurs with the cannula than the needle technique since there's less injection sights. 
You will be handed a small ice pack to keep on your lips for after. Make sure not to eat salty foods so the swelling will go down quicker.
If you wear dentures lip injections can definitely plump up the volume, but this is only temporary.