How to Clean Your Dentures on a Budget

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How to Clean your Dentures or Partial Denture on a Budget.

Dentures need tending to just like your real teeth used too. But there are some differences between them. You must understand what’s involved in taking proper care of dentures in order to extend their shelf life and or still keep maintaining the health of your gums and any remaining teeth that you might have.

A full denture will replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth. A partial denture attaches to the remaining teeth that you have which can or will weaken those teeth over a period of time. The partial clasp allow for bacteria and plaque to collect onto the supporting teeth, making them more vulnerable to tooth decay and periodontal disease. So it's imperative to properly clean all prosthetic mouth devices

Try Liquid Dawn Dish Soap
This one is my favorite, denture tablets made for dentures are great to use, but they can be costly. Dawn dish soap is a great alternative to denture cleansers; it's deep cleaning abilities to remove oils and particles. Try using a pea size amount in some warm water and let your dentures soak for an hour, then you will want to take your denture brush and gently scrub the denture. Dawn dish soap is definitely more cost effective and it's antibacterial!

Adding peroxide is another great way to clean dentures. 
By adding a cap full of peroxide to a cup of warm water will brighten up that smile.

Do not use a regular toothbrush! 
Never use a regular toothbrush made for real teeth, it doesn't matter how soft the bristles are it still can scratch the teeth on your dentures. 
Toothbrushes made for real teeth have coarse bristles compared to the soft thinner bristles of the denture brush. Same goes for regular toothpaste; regular toothpaste contains abrasives in the paste or gel that can scratch or damage dentures. 

Don’t forget! Cleaning your mouth and cleaning your dentures are completely different yet equally important tasks we must do for our daily routine. Even if you don’t have any of your real teeth left, you should always brush your tongue and clean your mouth without wearing the denture. If you just clean your denture and place it back into a dirty mouth, you're basically not achieving anything. 
So make sure to take some time out of your daily routine and properly clean your dentures and your mouth for a good oral hygiene.

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