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After realizing the market's dire need for an efficient and proper solution to accommodate the need of the denture wearers around the world, Comfort Lining was made. Most other dental adhesives lack proper support and the contain harsh chemicals used in their mix. Comfort Lining is free & clear of any harsh alcohols, and primers like such denture liners. We have created one of the most safe & effective denture product to have ever to existed. Comfort Lining is a one of a kind, new type of adhesive with upgraded technology for dentures. 

A Company who can Relate to our Patients
Unlike other brands, Comfort Lining was first thought of by a denture wearer. The product has been tested out several times by no other than someone who can relate to you! They have tested out the effectiveness of comfort and denture security to make sure it was made to perfection for other denture wearers.
Comfort Lining is made in the United States of America.

Sapps Pharma NY, NY.

Comfort Lining Inc.