Replacement for Discontinued Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive

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Replacement for the Discontinued Cushion Grip!
Cushion Grip users, you may now rejoice! Now that Cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive has been discontinued people are looking for an honest, reliable solution, you have come to the right place. A relief to the denture community; finally, a substitute for denture adhesives that will last up to 6-7 full days with just one single application! Give your dentures the best with a lasting comfort grip. Go ahead; take a bite out of your favorite dinner, because your confidence will be restored once again in waves of smiles with that new YOU! Check out our line of the finest products available for securing your dentures with a comfort grip like never before, always available here at

Designed Just For Dentures and Partial Dentures, Our thermoplastic denture adhesive was engineered to secure your dentures in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible. Our thermoplastic denture adhesive feels like a cozy reline on your denture, leaving you with nothing but a sure grip on your dentures. Our thermoplastic denture adhesive simply works miracles for both partial denture and full dentures. That is why it’s recommended by so many! They like it because it is safe and free of toxic chemicals like benzene or zinc.

Our Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive will last up to seven days! The thermoplastic denture adhesive needs less attention as it will remain on your dentures up to seven days. Within the week, you may use the thermoplastic denture adhesive repetitively by washing/cleaning/soaking the dentures since it is designed not to wash off in water. In other words, our product is one hundred percent waterproof! The dentures will be unlikely to shift and come loose when properly secured, even after regular activities.