Thermoplastic denture adhesive-4 tubes
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February Deal of the Month Includes - Four Tubes of Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive. Get a FREE Denture Toothbrush & FREE Denture Adhesive Turn Key With Every Purchase of This February Deal! February Offer Ends 2/28/2018, so make sure to take advantage while offer stands!

Are you one of the millions of people that have been suffering with poorly fitted dentures and currently looking for a Cushion Grip Alternative or Replacement? Do you have ill-fitting dentures that aren't stabilized any-longer, or do your dentures continuously rock side to side and rub your gums raw to the point where you cannot even wear your dentures? Many denture wearers think that they're stuck with using traditional denture adhesive pastes or powder denture adhesives, this is not true. Thermoplastic denture adhesives are completely different from all those other denture glues and only thermoplastic denture adhesives work by heat. Since denture adhesive paste can make wearing your dentures messy and sticky and some people end up forming angular cheilitis from certain paste adhesives and not to mention, bacteria build up, here's a better solution. If you're ready for complete relief, from rocking, ill-fitting dentures and you're looking for a snug cushion denture adhesive, then you've come to the right place! Comfort Lining is also known as the perfect alternative to the discontinued Cushion Grip for dentures. Comfort Lining is a thermoplastic denture adhesive and soft reline all in one tube!

Comfort Lining is a waterproof denture adhesive, that works by thermal heat activation. By heating up the denture adhesive in our specialized aluminum tube in recommended hot water for the given amount of time, Comfort Lining will become a soft pliable and malleable form. After Comfort Lining has set firmly to your dentures, the texture will stay semi soft but a firm denture cushion material. Very similar to a temporary soft liner for dentures. Comfort Lining is similar to liners that you would receive from your dentist, except the cost is way less. A soft liner purchased from your dentist would cost $100-$400 so you're saving money in the long run with purchasing our thermoplastic denture adhesive.

One application of our thermoplastic denture adhesive will last 6-7 days, then we require you to change applications for hygiene purposes. Comfort Lining can be used on any type or make of dentures including Kerodent dentures. There will never be any left over residue and you're able to place and remove your dentures freely as you wish. Cleaning and soaking your dentures overnight is never a issue with Comfort Lining as the thermoplastic denture adhesive will always stay secure on your denture. Comfort Lining is a 100% secure denture adhesive and is made specifically for all the denture wearers of the world. Isn't it time to start enjoying life and not having to worry about your dentures or pain from your dentures!

Comfort Lining is guaranteed to be your denture cushion forever..

Thermoplastic Denture Cushion