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Buy 3 Get 1 Free October Special! Comfort Lining Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive 4 Pack

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Comfort Lining EX the Professional Strength Thermoplastic Denture Cushion Adhesive 4 pack

Comfort Lining's 4 Pack Thermoplastic Formula for Dentures.
A Comfortable Denture Adhesive which will Lock Plates in Place All Day for that Snug Fit!
Comfort Lining will secure dentures in place with an all day hold. The 100% secure waterproof denture formula will never wash away with food nor drink and will Last up to 7 days without losing the original suction grip. The clear cushioned layer will provide a lock tight barrier which will block out all unwanted food particles that will try to enter underneath your dental plates, this will make for a more comfortable fitting denture. Comfort Lining's professional strength dental formula is different than the rest, it's soft thermal gel layer will create the strongest suction for both upper and lower plates, so your dentures will feel comfort.
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Comfort Lining EX is a unique thermoplastic cushion denture adhesive used for tightening loose bothersome dentures up to 7 days. This denture adhesive will provide a soft layer of support and can be used on immediate - permanent - full upper - lower denture plates; including partial dentures. Comfort Lining is considered a denture cushion adhesive which is similar to a soft re-liner.

The soft cushion layer will relieve all sore spots immediately from ill-fitting dentures. You may also use this dental adhesive to snug up your denture if you're looking to secure it, or you can choose to use it to provide some extra comfort! The thermoplastic denture adhesive is 100% waterproof and will never wash away with food nor drink. Feel free to take your dentures out at anytime, because Comfort Lining will always stay on your denture until you're ready to remove it. Either way, Comfort Lining can be used for different scenarios,so make sure to check out all our monthly specials! 

Extended Added Benefits Comfort Lining denture adhesive will benefit you if you're needing relief from outdated, worn out, loose and painful dentures. 
Including, stabilizing dentures, fast immediate relief from sore spots, Zinc Free, tasteless clear formula, No burning sensation on the gums, denture adhesive is 100% waterproof and will hold upper - lower dental plates, including partial dentures, upper full dentures, lower full denture.

All Ingredients Made in U.S.A not China 

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