Choosing the Right Shade of Teeth for Your Dentures.

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There are several shades of white to choose from on the denture tooth chart. Your first choice will be to choose the whitest and brightest. Remember the most natural appearance is what you are trying to achieve, unless you want that fake Hollywood smile.
Your dentist will show you a shade chart. Make sure to cover up all the others, so you're just looking at one at a time, it can be very overwhelming at first. 
One shade next to the other can look yellow, but viewing it alone it will look more natural.
You need to take into consideration your own skin complexion as well and try to match a shade or two whiter than your real teeth.
With partial dentures you have no option other than the shade of your natural real teeth. 
Remember, take your time, you do not want to make a mistake that cannot be changed. 
Sometimes it can be easier and helpful to yourself if you bring a photograph of yourself smiling and showing your teeth, maybe at a time when your teeth were nice. This will be helpful when trying to determine your general appearance and size of your teeth. Size of the teeth are very important, if you pick teeth that are to short your smile can be off and chewing can get difficult. Not to mention shorter teeth can make your facial features look not quite the same and not in a good way. 
Dentures are a great way to replace broken or bad teeth, making sure to take the time out of your schedule to pick the right shade.
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