Wearing Denture Adhesive and Zinc Poisoning

Zinc is found naturally in our body, but too much of it can be harmful and this goes for anything! When using a zinc filled denture cream, make sure to only use what's recommended if that doesn't work well, then try changing to a different dental adhesive or it may be time to visit your dentist.

Denture adhesives are used to secure the fit between the dentures and your gums. Not everyone uses adhesives for denture fitting and not all persons who start using them continue to use them forever. For sure, the denture adhesive that you use could potentially make or break your dentures. It could also adversely affect your lively hood. Some of the most popular denture adhesives up until recently had zinc as a major ingredient for the binding effect. This was a major breakthrough because prior to this, denture adhesives were not as long lasting and durable as they are today. Denture wearers raved about the new products because they are able to go all day long without having their dentures loosening and shifting. 

Unfortunately, the major adhesive component, zinc has recently been found to have toxic effects on the body, even though our body creates zinc, too much of it can be harmful and that goes for everything For this reason, most manufacturers today only produce zinc-free denture adhesive. But there are denture adhesives that actually do not need zinc to work; one is the Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive. 

Zinc free and 100% Waterproof the thermoplastic denture adhesive. This product works like a soft liner but yet it's a denture adhesive that creates a later of cushion between the denture and gums. 

There are several paste denture products out now that contain no zinc, it's basically which one works for you and gives you confidence to wear your dentures without movement. 



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