Comfort Lining Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive
About Us

The concept of Comfort Lining, began after realizing the denture adhesive market's dire need for an efficient and proper solution to accommodate the need of the denture wearers around the world, with the lack of support in the usual cream/paste denture adhesives and the harsh chemicals used in the denture liners we decided to create one of the best denture products ever, the thermoplastic denture adhesive.

As unfortunate as this was, we were completely aware of the discontinuance of a product called Cushion Grip and how it was quickly removed off of the shelves due to inside corporation decisions. We knew how much denture wearers adored this product, so we decided to create our own upgraded version of this famous thermoplastic denture adhesive.

With the knowledge and brain power of a former periodontal dental assistant and hygienist and being a wearing of dentures as well,
Comfort Lining was made!

You did read that correctly, Comfort Lining was made by a denture wearer, so it was tested out several times, to make sure the comfort level and stability was made to perfection, for other denture wearers. Unlike other denture adhesives that are made by those that do not wear dentures, Comfort Lining is guaranteed by a actual denture wearer to completely satisfy the needs of anyone that wears dentures and can relate to each and every one of you.

Please feel free to contact us at or (607) 258-0343 or Google Hangouts@Comfort Lining or feel free to write us at 6400 State route 434 Box 170 Apalachin New York 13732

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- "What a difference this product makes. I can't live without it!" -Leona from Canada

- "When applied correctly, it's a miracle and the next best thing to having your real teeth!" -Christa from FL, USA

- "No more headaches from the dentures rubbing my gums and pressure in my head!" -Eve from IL, USA

- "Comfort Lining EX is exactly like Cushion Grip. Exact!!!" -Louanne from UK

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