Comfort Lining
About Us

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 The Concept of Comfort Lining and What Gave us the Idea

After realizing the market's dire need for an efficient and proper solution to accommodate the need of the denture wearers around the world, with the lack of proper support in the traditional denture adhesives and the harsh chemicals used in such denture liners we have created one of the most effective denture product to have ever to exist; Comfort Lining

Working Together as a Team

In the Fall of 2015 with the knowledge and brain power and weeks of commitment our periodontal dental assistant and hygienist came up with "Comfort Lining" now connected with DDS PA Barnks our product has become the most reliable and trusted solution for dentures.
Someone That can Relate 
Comfort Lining was first thought of by a denture wearer, so the product has been tested out several times to make sure the effectiveness of comfort and the best of stability was made to perfection for other denture wearers. Unlike other denture adhesives that are made by those that do not wear dentures and cannot relate, Comfort Lining has been guaranteed by real denture wearer for their satisfaction and by someone who can relate to each and every one of you!

Comfort Lining

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