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Comfort Lining Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

Ordinary Paste/Cream Denture Adhesives

100% Waterproof Washes away with food or drink

No Sticky Residue

There's Always a Sticky Residue Left Behind on Your Gums and the Dentures

One Application Lasts 5-7 Days

One Application Only Will Last a few Hours or day at the Most

Soft Cushion Support

Very Little Adequate Support, if any

Stays Intact While Soaking/Cleaning Your Denture

Automatically Turns Slimy in Water or Saliva

Stabilizes Your Denture for a More Secure fit

Lumpiness That Will Cause Uneven Dentures or Soreness

Does not Contain Zinc

Some Contain Zinc Which is Needed for Paste to Bond

Provides Immediate Relief From Sore Spots

Will not Eliminate Pain

No Burning or Tingling Sensation

Some Pastes Will Cause a Slight Burning or tingling Sensation

Cleaner & Fresher Mouth

Can Sometimes Cause Bacteria That Produces Thrush

1 oz. tube Lasts 3-4 Months

1 oz. Tubes Lasts a Week or Possibly two

Removal of Dentures at any time and Works as a Bandage for the Extraction Areas.

Period of Time for Paste to Wear Down, Then to Wash off Remaining Residue From Your Gums & Dentures