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How to Properly use Your Comfort Lining Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive.
If you're having difficulties with applying your denture adhesive, please make sure to go over every step before giving up.

1# Step. Do not be afraid of boiling the tube. Boil the whole entire tube for no less than 15 minutes! The tube is made from sterile aluminum, used for heating at high temperatures, it will not melt. If you can boil an egg, you should have no problems with boiling your thermoplastic denture adhesive.

2# Step (After the 15 minutes has passed, remove your tube with tongs and sit the tube on a towel for 60 seconds. "The aluminum tube cools down fast" as there is a cooling lacquer on the outside of the tube. Still we advise one to wait approximately one minute after the tube is removed from the heating process.

3# Step Dry off your tube! Make sure no water has seeped inside the tube. (At this point, your tube will be cooled off and you may apply your winding key if needed.

4# Step you will want to make sure that your dentures are CLEAN & DRY of all deb re and left over previous products or your application of Comfort Lining will not work as well! Now, remove the lid and place it close by you, you will need to put the lid back on fairly quickly after you have placed your adhesive where it needs to be placed on the denture. If you FORGET to put your cap back on your tube the product will continue to come out and you will lose your product!.

5# Step Now, there are two ways to apply your denture adhesive. If you're using a NEW product you do NOT want to attach your winding key. Why? Because the contents of the denture adhesive will come out to quickly and you could waste your adhesive, as said in step #4
If you're using an existing tube that you've used before, you will want to attach that winding key and gently roll (similar to a toothpaste roller)

6# Step Please follow the box directions accordingly while applying product into trough areas first then vertical lines. You will then need to apply it exactly as you would a paste /cream denture adhesive, then quickly place the denture inside your mouth to create a mold as you would a denture liner. "Pls. Note" Do Not wait more than one minute to make your mold, the adhesive cools very quickly and will not mold if it's already cooled off! Why does it cool quickly? The adhesive cools off quickly, so the denture adhesive doesn't burn your mouth from the heat. If you are still worried that the adhesive is too hot, you may wait 30-45 seconds or gently push down on the adhesive with your finger to check for temperature, as you get used to applying your denture adhesive, you will get better and better at applying it and finally be able to apply your adhesive the way that you prefer.

7# Step. You now have denture adhesive on your dentures now, have both upper and lower dentures in your mouth, for a perfect fit. You will need to clench down evenly to make sure there is a thin even layer. If you have any uneven clumps, all steps will have to be redone.

8# Step. Trim off any excess material and run some ice cold water over your denture adhesive and you're all done! Congrats! You have applied your first thermoplastic denture adhesive. Simple right? Yes, it is! That’s why so many people recommend it over traditional pastes or cream adhesives.

Applying a Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive only takes 15-20 minutes from start to finish. If you’re still not getting the results, click on our product link seen here and scroll down to the video. The video has live directions of applying the product. If you would like to contact us please feel free to contact us M-F via Phone or Text (607) 304-0582

Click on this step by step video