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Remove your dentures at anytime with Comfort Lining! Lasts like a reline and secures like an adhesive! Comfort like no other!

Step 1.
Place the Comfort Lining tube in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes (set a timer if needed) (Clean and dry dentures while waiting)

Step 2. Remove tube from water, place tube on a dry towel. Remove all water from the tube. (Immediately start the 3rd step) make sure to have upper denture in your mouth for this next step.

Step 3.(Start with Lower Denture) Open the tubes cap and start by gently squeezing the tube. Adhesive will flow onto the lower denture (apply as you would any other denture adhesive) after adhesive is on the denture, place the denture quickly into your mouth and bite down FIRMLY. (Leave lower denture in your mouth for next step)

Step 4.(Upper Denture) Dry off any saliva, then proceed to gently squeeze adhesive into the trough area of the denture, follow by 3 vertical lines. Quickly place your denture into your mouth and bite down FIRMLY, side to side. You will want to thin out the adhesive as much as possible! I cannot stress this enough. This will make for a perfect impression of your palate. If adhesive is to thick in the trough area, the denture will not stay in place. Make sure to bite down as firmly as you can, as you would, if you were at your dentists office taking a impression for a reline.

After impression has been made, follow up with trimming any over lapped adhesive that may be hanging over.
Practice makes perfect! Try using a small amount at first, until you get the gist of it.

Comfort Lining requires NO mixing or priming before applying, only heat and go!

Watch Step by Step Video