FAQ Comfort Lining
Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive


Q. How can Comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive help stabilize my denture?
A. A thermoplastic denture adhesive helps by creating a soft denture cushion to eliminate sore areas on the denture for a more stabilized fit for the denture wearer without any sticky residue that other brands create and leave behind.

Q. Does Comfort Lining contain zinc?
A. There is absolutely no zinc used in our denture adhesive.

Q. What is EVA and is it toxic to me?
A. EVA is a nontoxic pliable material used in baby teething rings.

Q. Why do I have to heat a thermoplastic denture adhesive for it to work?
A. Heat activates the thermoplastic formula to become pliable and cold firms the thermoplastic.

Q. How does the thermoplastic denture adhesive hold my dentures in place?
A. It’s simple – thermoplastic denture adhesive and the saliva in your mouth will create the suction needed to secure your dentures. If you have a dry mouth, you may need to wet your mouth for the first hour after applying our product.

Q. Will the thermoplastic denture adhesive eliminate sore spots?
A. Yes, the thermoplastic denture adhesive will act as a shock absorbent between the dentures and your gums.

Q. I can’t seem to get my product to soften enough.
A. If your product is still not soft enough after heating your entire tube in boiling water for 10 minutes; try increasing the amount of time that you heat the tube. The longer the tube remains in the boiling water, the more pliable it will become.

Q. The product isn’t creating suction to my palate.
A. This happens if you have a dry mouth. You will need to wet your mouth for the first hour or until suction is achieved. Suction can typically be achieved simply by drinking a glass of water or running warm water over your denture palate with our adhesive adhered then applying the dentures directly into the mouth.

Q. The product is starting to shift some in my denture after 6 days.

A. When you start to notice the product not performing as well as it was the beginning of your application, then the product needs to be changed! We recommend changing your application every 6-7 days for hygiene reasons.

Q. Will Comfort Lining work on my lower denture?
A. Yes. Comfort Lining will create a perfect mold of your gum line and cushion stability that WILL suction to your lower denture as well as the upper denture.

Q.Will Comfort Lining work if i currently have a soft reline on my dentures?

A. We cannot guarantee that Comfort Lining will bond to your current soft or hard liner. Comfort Lining needs to be able to bond to a dry surface and most soft liners are made from a porous material.  

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