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6 pk Denture Reline & Thermoplastic Adhesive
6 pk Denture Reline & Thermoplastic Adhesive

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Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive (6 single) 45 ml. Great Deal Only & $17 per Tube

Soft Reline & Thermoplastic Adhesive for a Secure Denture Cushion to Stabilize False Teeth

You can now stop your search for a reliable denture adhesive; you have come to the right place. This denture adhesive is a breakthrough for the denture community. Comfort Lining is a firm, yet soft denture adhesive that will last up to 6-7 full days with just one single application! There is no need to apply this denture adhesive more than once a week, So, go ahead; take a bite out of your favorite dinner, because your confidence will be restored once again in waves of smiles with that new YOU! Check out our line of the finest products available for securing your dentures with a sure grip like never before, always available here at ComfortLining.com

Comfort Lining denture adhesive was designed with you in mind and has been engineered to secure your dentures in the most comfortable and efficient manner possible.

Our thermoplastic denture adhesive simply works miracles for both partial denture and full dentures. That is why it’s recommended by many customers. They like it because it is safe and free of toxic chemicals like benzene or zinc; Yes. I said zinc free! Great news right? Read on...
Our thermoplastic denture adhesive needs less attention as you can remove the dentures freely at any time. You may use the thermoplastic denture adhesive repetitively after washing the dentures since it is designed not to wash off in water. In other words, the dentures will be unlikely to shift and come loose when properly secured.

How is this Denture Adhesive Different than other Brands

Different than other denture products that can cause discomfort and gum irritation, our thermoplastic denture adhesive is a safe alternative to denture adhesive that can protect your mouth from bacterial infections. Certain gum infections can be caused by accumulation of food and/or failure to maintain proper hygienic procedures. Food accumulation promotes bacteria thus causing thrush and other burning tongue syndrome. Since our thermoplastic denture adhesive creates zero gaps, food accumulation is less likely to occur. You can now possess the potential to freely remove your dentures/partial denture and clean your gums at practically anytime. After cleaning your dentures, we encourage you to first soften the denture adhesive using hot water for no less than ten minutes. You can heat your aluminum denture adhesive tube in a container of boiling water. It takes time, though. Some people find it time-consuming while waiting for the denture adhesive to transform into a semi-liquid soft cushion texture. Once the denture adhesive has become pliable, it can be easily applied to your denture to eliminate all if any sore spots on your dentures.

Ingredients. No worries; our streamlined formula combines the powers of base vinyl acetate, mono and triglycerides with unrefined red palm oil for natural coloring to offer the customer an amazingly superior denture adhesive. Our product is guaranteed to be 100% free of toxic materials, such as zinc or benzene, and is proudly made in the United States of America.

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