Comfort Lining Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

1 oz Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Cushion
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Product Code: THD-01


Comfort Lining EX Denture Cushion Adhesive 1 oz.

Comfort Lining's denture formula is a unique thermoplastic cushion denture adhesive used for tightening loose dental plates for an all day hold. Comfort Lining denture adhesive will provide a soft cushioned layer of support and can be used on immediate, permanent full upper and lower dental plates; including partial dentures.

Comfort Lining's soft cushion layer will eliminate all sore spots on contact that have been created by ill fitting dentures. You may also use this dental adhesive to snug up your denture if you're needing extra support.
Thermoplastic denture adhesive is 100% waterproof and will never wash away with food nor drink. Comfort Lining's secure denture adhesive formula will block all unwanted food particles from entering underneath the denture plates, the strong suction created by the thermal bond holds dentures in tight and is safe enough to use on the first day after extraction surgery.

Extended Added Benefits Comfort Lining denture adhesive will benefit you if you're needing relief from outdated, worn out, loose and painful dentures.
Including, but not limited to stabilizing dentures, fast immediate pain relief from sore spots, Zinc Free, tasteless clear formula, No burning or tingling sensation.
Use on Full and Partial Denture Plates (temporary & permanent)

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4 of 5 cushion denture adhesive holds my lower in tight January 24, 2021
Reviewer: Katherine Cagle from Elizabeth City, NC.  
This is the only denture adhesive that holds my lower denture in tight all day. I don't know how it does it, but it also adds weight to the bottom dentures, I even had some sort of suction on my lower denture jaw, which is wild! especially when I don't have any bone left on the ridge. right now I do not wear upper dentures , but it's fair to say this would work for upper dentures to. It feels so cushiony I just ate some chocolate carrot sticks without pain. I am very pleased with my purchase! this company has a return buyer for good.

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1 of 5 comfort adhesive January 23, 2021
Reviewer: Rj  
Rate less than Poor, Will never order again, Messy, while heating tube opened at bottom ruined my cuisinart sauce pan. Waste of money and cost me money for new pan.

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3 of 5 good December 23, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  

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5 of 5 First purchased from Amazon November 25, 2020
Reviewer: Jane Anne from Sarasota, FL.  
My product review is about Comfort Lining denture adhesive. The first experience was a tube off of Amazon, I received the box quickly and opened it the same day. it took me around 10 minutes to follow the instructions to put the adhesive on my dentures this was back in August 2020. before using Comfort Lining I had tried most every other adhesive on the market, even that japan stuff, but none would ever quite cushion the areas I needed to feel absolutely comfortable. I want to say that since using Comfort Lining I feel very confident now in my dentures and don't have to worry about pain or slippage when I'm away from home. This product checks off every annoying perk that comes from wearing dentures, if you want it for the cushion or just to hold the dentures in tight this product does it! There is no gross paste stuff to wipe off at night or in between applications, my only downfall with this adhesive is I wish it would last longer than 8 days, but if it did then it would be permanent and it's not permanent.
now that I have been using it, It takes me 10 full minutes to heat the tube then pull the old stuff off and clean my dentures, Then I am ready to apply the new stuff. The first day of wearing it feels so damn good! its soft and warm against your gums like a blanket. The negative reviews are their competitors or people that simply cannot read directions! This product is like no other and it's sure better then that other stuff. My recommendation is to give this a try and follow their very simple directions you won't be sorry this stuff feels so good on the gums. :)

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5 of 5 don't use over a reline September 1, 2020
Reviewer: Nancy Harrison  
I purchased this and tried to put it over this old soft reliner i have on my dentures for over 7 months now. It will not stick to it no matter what i do. So I called the company and they explained to me that since Comfort Lining is already similar to a reline it will not stick to another reline. SMH. So i peeled off the old reline i had which took me over 5 hours to remove it will my nail file and soaked them in cleaner applied the comfort lining and it finally stuck. felling good now. Nice and comfortable.

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