1 ct Denture Brush & 1 ct Denture Bath

1 ct Denture Brush & 1 ct Denture Bath by Comfort Lining
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1 ct Denture Bath & 1 ct Denture Toothbrush.

Dentures aren't maintenance free. The same debris that accumulates on natural teeth (dental plaque, tartar, stain, food particles) will tend to accumulate on them too; so don't think you can get away without cleaning them. In fact, dentures require more cleaning then natural teeth. They require soaking in a cleanser everyday, unlike your former "natural teeth" and brushing is a must. Brushing your dentures with a special toothbrush is mandatory, unless you want to scratch up your fake teeth from the hard bristle of a actual toothbrush used for real teeth. It might be unbelievable but, your teeth that fit into the denture are made either from acrylic or porcelain and are fragile compared to enamel, so a special brush is used to clean your false-teeth. Most denture toothbrushes are made double sided; one side that actual matches a regular toothbrush and the other side with a smaller pointed brush, made to reach certain crevasses in the denture that would be hard to clean with the flat brush.
That means in order to keep your false teeth fresh and clean and your mouth healthy, you'll need to perform daily maintenance. Brushing can quickly remove film and build up from the surface of your dentures, and denture cleansers can eliminate food and grime over night while soaking. So if you have dentures, these items below are must haves, whether you purchase here are there your dentures need to be kept clean.

Denture Toothbrush:

1 CT denture toothbrush (white) double sided

Denture Bath/Details:

  • Provides complete care for dentures
  • With unique lock on safety basket
  • Leak proof & antibacterial plastic
  • Denture Bath/inches (LxWxH): 3.4x 3.9x 3.0

Easy to use:

  1. Put cleanser and dental device into basket and lower into dental bath.
  2. Add enough very warm (not hot) water to cover device. Close lid firmly.
  3. After soaking, lift up basket and lock on ridge inside bath hinge. See illustration on top (of package).
  4. Rinse dental device under warm, running water. You may leave dentures, guards or retainers in basket while rinsing.
  5. Rinse out and dry dental bath and basket. Replace basket into bath and close lid to store.
  6. Top rack dishwasher safe
  7. Leak-Proof Lid
  8. Antibacterial Plastic

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