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Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive-Secure & Waterproof
1 Count-Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Cushion Grip

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One Single Tube of Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive
Known as the #1 Denture Adhesive Alternative & Only Cushion Grip Replacement

A substantial percentage of people that wear dentures have some sort of discomfort. Most denture wearers continue to search for a denture adhesive that can cushion and stabilize their poorly fitted denture. Let me ask you this. Do you have ill-fitting dentures or dentures that do not fit properly? Do you have continuous pain from your dentures; are they tilting side to side and currently rubbing your gums to the point of gum irritation where you can't even wear your dentures anymore, much less even eat? Are you currently living with these specific annoyances, if so read on; don't throw out your dentures just yet…

Here's how Comfort Lining can help you!

Comfort Lining creates an unyielding, yet malleable, stable cushion on the denture palate; therefore, assisting to protect and secure the gums with a stable snug dental cushion. By only adhering to the denture, there will never be any denture adhesive residue to remove away from the gums again! Comfort Lining allows you to remove and place your denture freely, so you may cleanse your dentures at any time.

Unlike Other Brands Claim,
Our Denture Adhesive is One Hundred Percent Waterproof!

In other words, our thermoplastic denture adhesive never rinses off with food or liquid and you will never have food particles creep under your denture causing irritations. The thermoplastic denture cushion acts as a barrier for your dentures to eliminate sore spots created by poorly fitted dentures.

Comfort Lining has absolutely no taste or odor, so there's never a foul taste lingering in your mouth.
You will finally be able to savor the food that you've been longing for!

Our thermoplastic denture adhesive creates a custom mold of your gums; this makes for a perfect fit which is similar to a denture liner. There are so many benefits of using a thermoplastic denture adhesive!

How long will Comfort Lining last on my denture?

While one application will last up to 5-7 days, we ask that you change applications every 6-7 days for hygiene reasons.

Ingredients, you ponder? No worries; our streamlined denture adhesive formula combines the powers of base ethylene vinyl acetate, mono and diglycerides with unrefined organic red palm oil for natural coloring to offer the customer an amazingly superior denture adhesive.

Comfort Lining is a Non Toxic Denture Adhesive, 100% waterproof denture adhesive and has NO burn or taste! NO silicone, NO acrylic, NO zinc, NO primer and NO epoxy resin and lastly NO benzene.

Safety Precautions

Comfort Lining Denture Adhesive is intended for use only on non-defective dentures. Even though Comfort Lining may extend the time between visits to your dentist, we recommend you visit your dentist periodically. Ill-fitting, broken or irritating dentures may impair your dental health. Keep out of reach of children.
How to heat & Apply Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive
Bottom Dentures
Applying Comfort Lining Denture Adhesive

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Cushion Grip $599!!!!! Are u serious July 11, 2018
Reviewer: Olivia from Sanford , FL United States  
Truly disgusted how people are selling Cushion grip for $599 on other websites. Found this denture adhesive and decided to place a order over the phone with a very nice woman named Michelle. Michelle was very helpful and gave me a coupon on my first purchase. I ended up buying two denture adhesives for the price of one which is great since this stuff is costly. My honest opinion of the product is that it works wonders at first then after about 4 days it shifts, but still works. I have to trim some off here and there when it shifts, it's not an issue. It's definitely better then the latter. Is it Cushion grip? Very similar instructions, different feel. This stuff is much softer which I like. It's definitely something different! A good different though

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Review July 2, 2018
Reviewer: Tamara Lee from AR United States  
Glad I found your denture product

Admin Reply: Thank you!! :)

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
No more Fixodent July 1, 2018
Reviewer: Tanna K. from ND United States  
probably shouldn't be called an "adhesive", it's more like a temporary soft reliner.

I got a professional soft reline and hated it - made my denture feel so thick it gagged me, so I removed most of it. in the meantime I was using gobs of Fixodent - it kept my (now very loose) denture from falling out, but I had to use so much it felt "squishy" and would ooze over the top when I ate. Ugh.

Decided to try Cushion Lining. It does not stick to your gums like a true adhesive, instead it dries into a solid rubbery layer that temporarily improves the fit of your denture - and you can apply it to only the places where you need it. I still use a bit of Fixodent, but just a tiny dot or two on the areas that I didn't apply the denture linino. This is not a product you can just apply and go. It takes a little time to warm it, apply it. But since an application lasts several days and probably longer once I get more used to it, I don't have an issue with the time it takes.

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•very soft• June 30, 2018
Reviewer: Sabrina Vazquez from MA United States  
Works good. Very soft stuff. Feels like gummy cushion in my denture, very much like a soft reline than a denture adhesive.

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couldn't achieve suction. :( June 28, 2018
Reviewer: Yvette Rodriguez from Burbank , CA United States  
wouldn't work right for me. I mean it works, my mouth is to dry to get the suction it needs to hold them in place. Michele the customer service lady was really helpful & she tried her best to fix my problem. I've actually ended up giving this to my sister in law who wears dentures and she likes it and has no dry mouth issues. The company has sent me something different from their other denture store to accommodate for the lining .

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