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(2 PACK SPECIAL) Comfort Lining Thermal Denture Adhesive
Two tubes of Comfort Lining Thermoplastic Waterproof Denture Adhesive
Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

One tube of Comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive is $30.00
Our Price: $50.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Two tubes of Denture Cushion made by Comfort Lining.
Are you one of the millions of people that wear dentures or partial dentures? Have you been longing for a denture adhesive that actually works? Here at Comfort Lining denture adhesive, we have created a streamline denture cushion, that will create a snug fit for your dentures. Comfort Lining denture adhesive works by conforming to the shape of the gums and while we know that no denture wearer likes gooey denture adhesives that stick to the roof and palate of the mouth, Comfort Lining denture products will never do that. See, Comfort Lining denture adhesive adheres to the dentures, not to the sensitive gums. There's no scraping or rubbing paste or goo off of your gums with our denture adhesive! When your ready to change the denture adhesive, simply run your dentures in hot water and the denture cushion will come apart in one piece. There will be no residue or the best part no sticky denture adhesive mess left behind.

Comfort Lining is a thermoplastic denture adhesive, meaning.. You the denture wearer would heat up Comfort Lining in it's specialized aluminum tube in hot water, this makes the thermoplastic denture adhesive inside the tube become, pliable and malleable. After heated in the specialized aluminum tube, Comfort Lining denture adhesive is ready to be applied to your dentures. Comfort Lining denture adhesive works the same way for both upper denture and the lower dentures, creating a soft cushion that is specially molded by the denture wearers gums.

So, are you ready to throw out those gooey sticky nonsense denture product's and give Comfort Lining a chance to change your way of living with dentures!

Ingredients, in our streamlined denture adhesive formula combines the powers of base ethylene vinyl acetate, mono and diglycerides with unrefined organic red palm oil for natural coloring to offer the customer an amazingly superior denture adhesive. Our product is guaranteed to be 100% free of toxic materials, such as zinc or benzene and silicone, and is proudly made in the United States of America.

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Introduction to Comfort Lining Denture Adhesive
How to clean your dentures with Comfort Lining with Ms. Margaret
Denture Grip suction review of Comfort Lining

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I'm a satisfied consumer *-* July 22, 2017
Reviewer: Raven McFarland from Sandusky, OH United States  
I wear dentures and have severe dry mouth syndrome...I always have to use some type of adhesive in order for my top dentures to stay. I have used just about EVERYTHING on the market! Prior to using Comfort lining denture adhesive, I used Fixodent adhesive which did what it was supposed to, but when I would remove my top denture, it felt like the entire top layer of the roof of my mouth was being ripped off...I would dread having to remove my denture! With this denture adhesive, not only does my denture stay secure all day even while eating and drinking, I can remove it easily without pain... Sometimes the suction is a little bit more than what I expected, but it sure beats the skin being ripped off from Fixodent...I can even clean my dentures at night now without worrying about all that stickiness that usually took me 10 minutes to clean off from Fixodent...

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This product says what it does all the way. July 8, 2017
Reviewer: Shauna Lynn F. from Valdosta, GA United States  
The only other denture product that I ever used, that says what it does to hold your dentures was Cushion Grip.
Comfort Lining for dentures is pretty close the same thing.
My lower gumline is very unique and I find that the thermo plastic denture adhesive works great for smoothing out an entire even layer like so that I can wear my denture without it swaying back - n - forth. My other like about this product is that it's always available and very quick shipping.
I have absolutely no pain and a very soft cushion on my denture. Ps.i can eat granola bars again.

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👍 July 5, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Worked for me

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Best denture cushion July 1, 2017
Reviewer: Sonora Green from AL United States  
There is nothing on the market to compare with Comfort Lining. You basically reline teeth with a soft thermoplastic which allows you to eat anything and since the liner is soft the food that might get under plate does not hurt your gums. I can chew gum, eat an apple, crushed ice or anything that I want as long as I have Comfort Lining on my lower denture. You only change it after about 4-5 days. A tube will last about a few months or longer. I recommend this product to anyone that needs that extra cushion support or anyone that wears dentures. The directions are very simple to use as well. Heat the aluminum tube in hot water, then put a small amount in the center of your denture and work the thermoplastic into the areas needed, then you're done! If this company did a little marketing, they would be millionaires! Just saying....

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
works good for irregular gum line. June 22, 2017
Reviewer: EDITH PLACE from Tampa Bay, FL United States  
It did work for me. My bottom gum line is very irregular do to having work done over several years. This product works well if you have a irregular gum line, like I do.  It fills in the highs and lows and I needed that in a denture adhesive.

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